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Tarmac Rallying will continue in Sydney this summer with the fourth staging of a five round Twilight Tarmac Rallysprint Series. This will again be run over the challenging tarmac course at the Sydney International Dragway on Thursday nights from October to March. The Whiteline Tarmac Rallysprint series will see crews battling it out over a 3.5 km stage across various tarmac roads within the Dragway complex at Eastern Creek from around 5pm to 10pm during daylight savings.

The series is organised by North Shore Sporting Car Club and will be run as Level 1 Single Club Rallysprint. They will offer both traditional gravel rally exponents, tarmac rallyists, and novices new to the sport the chance to have a fun night battling the clock as the sun sets.

The weeknight format has been chosen to allow rally enthusiasts to indulge in their sport across summer without cutting into family and leisure time on weekends. It is also time efficient with the venue located close to the geographic centre of Sydney.

ON THE DIRT (OHM Productions) will be covering this event

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