Ultimate Rock Sports = Ultimate Action! Some amazing 4×4 Buggies take on some gruelling terrain in the heart of NSW, Australia.┬áJust south of Mudgee in the Central West of New South Wales, The Ultimate Rock Sports Two Car Challenge took place. Designed for highly modified four-wheel drives and buggies, this event puts drivers and machines to the test over some amazingly tough terrain.

Chris Tierney is part of the organizing team and we caught up with him to have a bit of a chat about the event.

“We’re at Central West 4WD Park at Hargraves. This is a fantastic property with so many tracks for everyone to use, but the courses here have been used for many years for other club competitions and we’ve revamped them a bit for our event and everyone who comes here just absolutely loves it.

Chris Tierney:

“This is the ultimate rock sports challenge, it’s a unique event, we have two cars that pair up as a team to complete the course, in an allotted time frame”

“It definitely tests the skill, and attrition for sure. The vehicles we’ve seen provided quite a bit of action this weekend. The gully course always proves a challenge with the waterfall being the pinnacle of the the course. We’ve seen lots of breakages this weekend right at the bottom of the gully and it makes it tricky to get them out, but everyone loves the challenge” said Tierney.

One of the competitors commented, “I’ve done a passenger side stub axle and my team mates just slipped the rear tail shaft out of the slip yoke so we’re doing great!”

Tierney added, “The rules are that they can assist each other by use of a strap. A lot of them choose not to do so because it gives you a 10-point penalty. There are a few other penalties, like breaking the bunting tape at the perimeter of the track and reversing. They work well together to get through the course in the time period. They go past various point markers for the duration of the track. They also have time penalties for the type of vehicle they have and the modifications.

“We have two classes. We have the extreme class and the outlaw class. Different modifications will put you into different classes and you’re fighting for not just the team position, but also an individual position in each class.

For more information, head over to the Ultimate Rock Sports Website.

Ultimate Rock Sports Website