The COMEUP Xtreme Winch Challenge is a winching competition held in NSW and Queensland and we are featuring a few of the trucks that have competed at previous events.

One fine example is the 1973 modified Landcruiser of Dave Burrows. Dave has been competing in these winching events for many many years with some great results. The 45 Series, affectionately known as the “Farm Truck” has a fuel injected 308 Holden motor stroked to 330cc. In fact, the engine in this beast hasn’t been touched on the inside for 22 years and yet still revs to 7500 RPM, which I think you’ll agree is very impressive.

The truck is getting power to the ground through a 60 series transfer case and gear box onto 4.3:1 ratio GU Patrol differentials. Most of the other trucks in the XWC series and other winch events tend to take advantage of the GU diffs, mainly because they’re almost unbreakable.

From a suspension point of view, the Farm Truck has ARB Old Man Emu springs and shocks giving it a two inch front lift and a three inch rear lift. In combination with the 37 inch Trepador tyres, the over height of the truck is significantly more than your average 45 series. Getting it up the winch walls is a Warn high mount winch with a Giggle pin top hat. The two 6HP motors running at 24 volts give it some real pulling power.

Surprisingly the Farm Truck has a 120 litre fuel tank, which is far more than is required in these short run winch courses, suggesting that it was originally built more for endurance events.

Dave does all the mechanical work on the truck with Howard “Jumbo” helping with welding and fabrication work. The truck is sponsored by Pat’s Lebanese Catering.