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Brad Clayton’s 1978 Range Rover is the two door variety and has been affectionately named ‘sofie’ ever since it was registered. The name doesn’t have any real significance other than a reference to the number plate.

It’s been a daily drive since it was registered and has been in the family for many years. However it was laid up for a couple years before Brad had his drivers license. In fact Brad has owned the vehicle since 2005 when he was only 12 years old. In that time he has added the current wheels, tires, bumper, and done numerous mechanical repairs, but it has mostly been a very reliable, first start vehicle.

This Rangie has been a true survivor in many respects although it’s had a lot of work over the years. It’s never had a full restoration, but before it was Brads pride and joy, it was owned by his uncle who installed a 1995 discovery V8 into it and converted it to gas. He also put a new four speed manual, new clutch and in 2003 it was treated with a full respray in the original Tuscan blue. All this work is still serving Brad today.

And to follow its complete family lineage, prior to Brad’s uncle owning the blue beats, another uncle owned it and had the drive shafts, axles and interior refurbished. So it’s been a family effort over many years keeping this great example of a Range Rover on the road.

The truck has never been too far from home but has done a few trips up the mid north of Australia from Adelaide and down south to various fishing spots. And despite the age of the vehicle, it’s never missed a beat and any time it has let Brad down, it’s been a quick fix with a new lead or voltage regulator, which is pretty normal for this type of 4×4.

Brad is completely in love with the car and would never let it go and it is likely that it will stay in the family as Brad is planning on giving it to his daughter when she grows up! Brad knows his car is not the best fourby on the tracks, and that it doesn’t have the best kit, but it’s special to him and the family all the same.


  • 1978 range rover
  • 3.9L V8, holley carb,
  • Edelbrock manifold, extractors,
  • Electronic distribution and ignition
  • 4 speed manual
  • Grey vinyl and cloth interior
  • 29″ desert dualers
  • Delta mags (from 1971)
  • Tuscan blue paint
  • LPG