I often get asked what tyres I run on my four-wheel drive, so I thought it was about time I shared with you what I have and what I think.

I have the Kumho Road Venture AT51’s on the Pajero and this is my second set of these All Terrain tyres. So straight up, for me to have bought them a second time, there must be something good about them.

And based on my recommendation, we put the AT51’s on my Sons Landrover Defender. So this review takes into account what both of us think of these tyres, both onroad and offroad.

I’m pretty brand loyal when it comes to most things, so if I find something I like, I generally stick with it, and that’s been the case with these tyres.

The AT51’s are an all terrain tyre and Khumo recommend them for 30% off-road use and 70% on road.

But realistically, we typically spend most of our time on the black top, so for the general four wheel driver, it’s important to select a tyre that works well for our daily drive. And these AT51’s have performed very well.

Having driven on these tyres for over two years now, I’ve found them to be a very capable and comfortable tyre. They’re nice and quiet when driving down the highway and they grip the tarmac well in both the dry and the wet. When the tread starts to get low, they do become a little slippy in the wet, but not nearly as much as some other brands I’ve had in the past.

Even though most of us spend very little of our time off-road, we do tend to want a tyre that performs well on the dirt. And for me, these tyres have done the job.

I took them off road for the first time about three days after they were fitted. I was at an extreme winch challenge and it was very wet. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but they performed exceptionally well on the slippery red clay surface.

For general off-roading, they handle very well on both hard and soft surfaces. They turn in well in soft sand as well as on hard packed dirt. I do a lot of dirt road driving, and I’m extremely happy with how they perform. The grip on dirt roads is exceptionally good and the car always feels safe and predictable, even at higher speeds.

I don’t often find myself doing hard-core four wheel driving, but the small number of times I’ve needed to do something a bit more difficult, I’ve found the Kumho AT51’s to be very good over a variety of surfaces.

One thing I have been particularly impressed with is the durability of the tyres. I haven’t had any punctures or tyre damage, despite going over some pretty rough, sharp rocky surfaces. The side wall construction seems to be very solid and the tread construction has remained in-tact with very little chipping or cutting noticeable.

The zig-zag groove and pattern of the AT51 is typical of many All Terrain tyres and Kumho claim that the Dual pitch in the centre block and the zig-zag groove improves off-road traction.

In terms of wear, I got about 80,000 km’s out of my first set of AT51’s.

So that’s my review and overview of the Kumho AT51 tyres. I’m exceptionally happy with them and they haven’t let me down yet.

Even if you never take your 4WD off-road, these tyres would be a good choice as I find them great for normal city driving. But if you are going to take them off-road, I’m sure, like me, you’ll find them more than capable. If you’re out every weekend doing serious off roading, maybe these aren’t for you, but when it’s time for me to replace these ones, I’ll be treating the Pajero to another set of the Kumho AT51’s.