This Central West 4WD Park in NSW is a short drive from Mudgee and this video gives us the low-down on the fun and activities on offer.

Finding quiet undiscovered bush camping sites can be quite a challenge. And when it comes to long weekends, especially Easter, it might just be impossible to find that hidden gem.

But we were recently invited to come and check out Jamie Smiths Central West 4WD Park, just south of Mudgee on the Hill End Road. I think we may have found the perfect place to go camping and 4WD-ing.

Owner Jamie Smith was happy to explain how his park got started. “Our park has been open since September last year (2017), but we’ve had the property for nearly 10 years now and we decided to make our hobby a little bit a business and make a bit of money on the side.

“The property is a made up to 1500 acres, 700 acres on one side Hill End Road and another 800 on the other side the road. The property has a River that runs through it which has got very nice camping spots and 4WD tracks. These range from green, which is very standard, just your normal 4WD car can do that. You’ve got pink, which is a bit harder, and then you’ve got orange which is probably for modified vehicles. Then you’ve got blue, which is for extreme and then you’ve got red which is real extreme, really hard, basically buggy sort of stuff.

“The audience I’m trying to promote in the actual park is for the dead standard vehicle. The Park is for people that have had very limited 4WD experience to come and try their four-wheel drive and get it to come out of the place without any serious damage.

“There’s a lot of tracks, so you’ve just got to drive around to see the whole property and ensure that you take the opportunity to do all the tracks because anywhere you go on both sides of the property. Unless you open a gate, then you’re not inside my property. So it is a very big property and when people take the opportunity to do the all the tracks, you can spend a lot of time here.

“We don’t want to promote the 4WD park to be an overcrowded situation, we want people to come and enjoy their 4WD activities and with the many camp spots around the place, there’s a lot of room for people to camp in various locations” said Jamie.
The 4WD Park is a 20-minute drive from the bustling country town of Mudgee. Here you’ll find plenty of dining options, wineries, cafes, markets and plenty of historic buildings and churches to check out. And if you just want to relax by the river, maybe do a bit of canoeing, then make sure you take a visit to Lawson park with its unusual collection of iron and timber sculptures.

4WD Options

But where here to do some four-wheel driving so let’s check out a few of the better spots on the property. A couple of places, like the wombat mud holes lets you have a go at a few different levels of difficulty and challenge your mates to see who can pick the best lines.

History and Mines

There’s also a bit of history to this place including a bunch of mines, which Jamie explains “This property has been mined back in the 1800’s. There are a lot of mines, it’s got around 12 to 13 vertical mines on it and it also has full horizontal mines. Some mines, and I’m probably not a 100 percent sure exactly what the mines history are. I’ve been trying to do a bit of research on it, but one mine is the Tucker’s Hill mine. It’s a very popular mine that goes under Hill End Road.

“Then we have Hampton Hill mine, which is in the middle of the property. We have ‘El Dorado” which you have to drive to and then use the walking track. There’s also the Hogan’s mine which is on the other side of the River. There has been people who have found a little bit of gold here” Said Jamie.

Camping and 4WD fees are very reasonable and a weekend away at the 4WD park will be an awesome time. The park has both a website and a Facebook page and you’ll find all the details on their website.

Visit the Central West 4WD Park Website
Visit CW 4WD Park Facebook Page

There’s so many places to explore at the Central West 4WD Park that you could easily spend a week here and still not see it all. We’re going to leave you with a few of the views and scenery from around the property, but make sure you book in and check it out for yourself.
Check out their Facebook Page.